About Us

PicScout is an information technology company

A Technology Company

At PicScout, we provide visual content creators, image consumers, developers and businesses with meaningful visual-content-based insights to help them make more informed decisions.

As a technology company, PicScout showcases an industry leading image intelligence system.

Leveraging our image recognition technology and deep learning capabilities, we empower our users by tracking online image usage, trend analysis, metadata enrichment, and opening up new business horizons.


  • PicScout leadership team

    Uri Lavi


    When great people work together to build the best business solutions, you can often find Uri in the background. He’s always been fascinated by the team’s energy and enthusiasm that has led to PicScout’s best products. That’s why Uri is so passionate about the power of PicScout’s Visual Insights.

    Uri has managed a variety of teams in several companies, from Israeli start-ups to multinational organizations, specializing in data fusion, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Yet Uri is most proud of delivering the best possible solutions to PicScout’s customers, and looking forward to more innovation from the PicScout team.

    Uri holds a B.Sc. in software engineering from the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology.

  • PicScout leadership team

    Lior Cohen

    VP R&D

    For the past decade, Lior has managed, designed and developed complex software products in the areas of data fusion, big data, high scale and mobile. He joined PicScout in 2013 to help revolutionize how images are searched and licensed. Lior holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Information System Engineering and has published several papers about real-time data mining.

  • PicScout leadership team

    Laura Aviram


    Laura brings years of experience in Marketing and Business Intelligence in corporate and start-up environments. She joined PicScout as the Marketing and Business Intelligence Manager and since 2011, has been responsible for the Global Marketing & Sales-Operations. In this role, Laura leads the PicScout marketing, operations, business intelligence and support teams. Laura holds an MBA from ESSEC.

  • PicScout leadership team

    Dekel Blayer Rachmani


    Dekel brings 15 years of experience as a senior HR, specializing in the High Tech industry. Since 2012 when she joined PicScout, Dekel is responsible for all human capital aspects including recruitment, employees’ welfare and growth. She works closely with managers and employees in order to establish and maintain a culture of continues improvement and focus on employees as a key business driver. Dekel holds M.A. in Social Psychology from Bar Ilan University.