Visual API

Empowering you with advanced visual technology

For Developers

PicScout Visual and Image Recognition API exposes our unique image intelligence technology to enable powerful insights about your images. The API offers a wide range of capabilities, based on deep learning research, from image recognition and face recognition, to concepts detection. These capabilities can be used for various purposes, such as reverse visual search and visual interpretation.

Developers can effortlessly integrate PicScout’s easy to use and easy to access RESTful API.

Our API is also available on premises in a flexible, scalable, and affordable model.


Implementation Examples


  • magnifier

    Visual Search

    Search your images and
    use the results to
    find and organize your
    visual content

  • Visual DNA

    Determine and establish your content’s unique visual signature,
    and ensure you maintain
    your visual DNA

  • Suggested Tagging

    Enhance your image tagging
    process with tags recommendations

  • People Analysis

    Analyze people & their
    demographics within images

  • Visual De-Duplication

    Identify visual duplicates
    in your content

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Who is this for?

Anyone who needs to intelligently manage a large image database, ranging from organizations in the defense and security industries, through news and stock photo-agencies, DAM systems, app developers, and up to leading sports and fashion brands can benefit from PicScout Visual API