Visual API

Visual API

Empowering Developers with Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence


PicScout’s Visual API is designed to help you better understand and analyze image content. Our pioneering image recognition technology is based on deep learning research, and offers a wide range of capabilities. These include visual search that identifies the same or similar images, suggestive image tagging based on image content,
and facial search and recognition technology.


Our user-friendly API is flexible, scalable and affordable available as both REST and on premises. 

Visual API Features


Visual Search

Search for content by visual similarity
within your image collection,
and get results of identical
and/or similar images

Suggested Image Tagging

Enhance your image tagging process
with automatic tag suggestions
so you can quickly organize,
manage and search through your content

Where Seeing is Tagging

People Analysis

Identify faces within images, search
for similar faces across your collection, and obtain
demographic data (age, gender, ethnicity)

How Facial Recognition Helps Curate Your Content?


Facial Recognition

Find specific people within large
image collections, including
celebrities and brand ambassadors

Facial Recognition – A Commercial Future?

Industry Use Examples



eCommerce companies can use Visual Search and its suggested
similar items
to improve customer experience by helping them
discover different products, visually.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) /
Media & Publishing

Visual search and suggested auto-tagging helps to efficiently search, organize and clean visual assets. Capabilities include: finding identical images, removing unwanted images, building metadata on your image catalog, and eliminating the need to manually classify images one-by-one.



Facial recognition allows security companies and law enforcement agencies to monitor suspicious or undesirable persons and alert
their proximity. Airports, finance institutions and other industries are
also exploring the ways
facial recognition can be used as a secure measure of authenticity.


People Analysis allows advertisers to target commercials and marketing content according to visual demographic data in real time. Visual DNA helps agencies maintain the visual signature of specific brands and events. 

user generated content

User-generated Content

Sites that are powered by user-generated content such as auction sites and classifieds forums can use visual search and similar image suggestions to moderate and filter images by specific parameters,
and compare to the existing pool of uploaded content. 



Photographers and agencies can use visual search and similar image suggestions to expose buyers to different content. Suggested
auto-tagging, people analysis and facial recognition
help manage
large photography collections, while
Visual DNA helps maintain the
visual signature of specific brands and events. 

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