5 hacks that will help you locate potential customers

August 16, 2016

Pro photographers – it’s “Make a Wish” time!

Say a Genie showed up and announced: “I’m here to help you with your marketing efforts… what type of information would help you most?”  Our bet would be that you would probably like to find out who your potential customers are.

Because when you know who and where your customers are, you will be able to make more informed marketing decisions such as: which subjects to shoot next, how to better arrange your website, where to advertise and how to monetize your images.

a man dressed as a genie coming out of a silver tea pot

This is where PicScout Insights (a.k.a. Genie…) comes in.  Our unique learning capabilities, perfected by years of research and experience , can help you know exactly who your future customers are. And we do so by learning the actual visual content of your images, and finding them on the web

Here’s how our Genie can help you:

  1. We can tell you who is already using your images. They could be your future customers!
  2. We can communicate with your image users for you, and assist you in monetizing your images, so you can focus on your next shoot (it’s always best to leave it to the experts!)
  3. We can tell you which of your images are more popular! This insight can help you make decisions with regards to the subjects you shoot.
  4. We can help you understand how your images are used. The types of websites that use them and where on the website they are displayed could have a direct impact on the type of visual content you should produce.
  5.  We can help you upgrade your marketing efforts! The insights we provide will also help you learn where it’s best to advertise, what photos you should promote on your website etc.


Want to find out more? Sign up now and our Genie will start working on making your wishes come true 🙂

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