Insights for Business

Get the most from your media

Analyze the impact of your visual content

Using visual content to communicate today is a no-brainer, but measuring its impact with text or hashtag analysis isn’t enough. Most images aren’t tagged directly, as consumers mostly talk about brands, not to them. 
AI-driven Insights for Business’ unlocks the wealth of unmined visual data to allow brands to return to the heart of the visual conversation. Using image recognition technology and analysis, hundreds of millions of images across social media and the web are scanned to evaluate unbranded visual content. These insights assess the efficiency and business value of your visual content, informing a range of opportunities from brand metrics and untapped market sectors, to influencer marketing and innovations in product development.
Harness the power of your visual content: with ‘Insights for Business’, your imagery isn’t only a form of communication, but measurable, actionable assets. 

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How does it work?

  • magnifier

    Learn where

    your imagery, brand
    and products are online

  • lightbulb

    Get insights

    about the reach, success and impact of your images

  • target

    Make the right decisions

    to reach new audiences
    and retain customer loyalty


  • Know

    what’s your best performing visual content and use it efficiently

  • target-audience


    new growth engines by analyzing your reach and audience engagement

  • star


    the ROI of brand ambassadors and sponsorship campaigns

  • Measure

    the influence and reach of your campaigns

Who is this for?

‘Insights for Business’ helps brands, marketers, PR and advertising agencies make better and more informed business decisions based on their visual impact and image efficiency.