Insights for Business

Insights for Business

Get the most from your media


Speaking with Visuals

You’re communicating with your audience using visual content — but how do you measure its success?


Measure those Visuals

Get insights about the reach and impact of your visual content with image-based analytics.


Discover & Seize Opportunities

Your visual content is now an actionable asset, helping make better business decisions based on visual impact.

Who is this for?

‘Insights for Business’ unlocks the power of visual content — helping brands, marketers, PR and advertising agencies make better business decisions based on visual impact.


Know what

is your best performing visual content.


Discover who

is your audience and prominent influencers.


Understand how

your audience engages with your content, and what visuals work best.

Learn where

your content is being shared and published.

Measuring your visual content unlocks the power of your imagery. You can develop new growth engines. Customize product innovation. Build brand loyalty. Evaluate the ROI of brand ambassadors. With visual insights, turn your images from communicators into actionable assets.

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