Google Analytics

July 17, 2016
Google Analytics allows us to measure our websites traffic by viewing statistic reports and getting detailed information about our site’s performance.

Here are a few of the many questions that we can answer about our site by using Google Analytics:

•  How many visit the site?
•  Where do the visitors come from?
•  What directed them to our site?
•  Which pages are popular and viewed most?

How to:

• Install Google Analytics by creating an account and signing up. 
• Paste the Tracking code you get into the bottom of your HTML content of each page you are planning to track. (Any site that hasn’t been configured yet will say Tracking Unknown until you add the code to your website). This will allow Analytics and your website to talk to one another and interpret information about visits to your site.
• Set up Goals. A Goal is a webpage which a visitor reaches once they have completed an action that you desire. Goals help you make smarter decisions about your design by telling you:  Which page was visited most, the geographic location of converted visitors, the keywords that standout in your page and etc.
• For websites with a search box, set up Site Searches. This will track searches made on your website so you can learn more about what your visitors are looking for on specific pages.
• Finally, you will be able to view data by going into Audience Overview Report:
Audience– Gives info about the visitors such as Age, Gender, Interests, Location, Behavior (How often they visit the site).

Acquisition reports– Info about what drove visitors to your website. You will see your traffic broken down by main categories (All Traffic > Channels) and specific sources (All Traffic > Source/Medium).
Behavior reports– Info about your content. Particularly, the top entry pages on your website (Site Content > Landing Pages), and the top exit pages on your website (Site Content > Exit Pages).

Google Analytics

You can also learn how fast your website loads (Site Speed) as well as find specific suggestions from Google on how to make your website faster (Site Speed > Speed Suggestions).

In Picscout:

By using Google Analytics we can conclude how to improve our site’s content and design, understand where visitors may be losing interest and falling off the path along the way (known as “Pain Points”), and learn how to convert more visitors.

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