Good Job IDC student Hadas Segal! - facial recognition model

July 12, 2016

A really exciting mentoring project has come to an end here at PicScout! Over the past few months Hadas Segal, a Computer Science major at IDC (The Interdisciplinary Center), who elected to do a hands on project in lieu of an elective course, spent a few hours every week at PicScout designing a facial recognition model to identify celebrity photos over the Internet, and learning how to detect false positives in the model to improve its results.

Throughout her work at PicScout, Hadas received ongoing guidance from PicScout algorithm researcher Dr. Leonid Brailovsky and from Lior Cohen, PicScout’s VP R&D. PicScout’s R&D team prepared a methodical plan for Hadas’ internship, including guidelines on building the model, on asking research questions, and on how to resolve these questions. In the course of her project Hadas acquired knowledge about one of the most cutting edge Artificial Intelligence topics in the industry and in theoretical research – deep learning, worked with new tools and learned to apply creative thinking.

“We are great believers in the importance of collaboration between the academic world and the hi tech industry” says Lior Cohen. “We believe that both the academic world and the industry benefit from this type of cooperation, as new opportunities for research emerge on the one hand and the students benefit from real world hands-on experience on the other hand. We are proud of Hadas’ achievement and wish her all the best in the future.”

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