Can Image Recognition Technology Help NBA Stars?

February 19, 2017

Celebrating NBA’s All-Star Weekend, we’ve put our Visual Insights to the test and held our own MVP awards for the Most Visual Player online. Using our image recognition technology, include our facial recognition capabilities, we compared images found across both traditional and social media and have showcased our top three winners below.

These men play a high-level game with millions of dollars-worth of responsibilities to the NBA and their sponsoring brands. A number of factors influence a brand-ambassador’s visual presence, and however carefully curated it may be, the player’s skills and organic support from fans has a decisive influence.

image recognition

In applying image recognition technology to measure their visual presence, NBA teams, sponsors and the players themselves can be privy to a range a range of opportunities including:

    • brand metrics
    • untapped market sectors
    • influencer marketing
    • evalutating the ROI of these brand ambassadors 



Images courtesy:

  1. LeBron James © Martin Ellis
  2. Kevin Durant ©  Leonard Zhukovsky 
  3. Steph Curry © natursports

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