Week 3 of the Software Engineer Training Project: A Participant’s Perspective

January 24, 2016

The Software Engineer Training Project for 50+ is now in full swing, having recently completed the 3rd of 12-13 sessions. As part of the ongoing coverage of the project, we’d like to share this insight from one of it’s participants:

My name is Avi. I am a participant in the Software Engineer Training Programme organised by PicScout, and I want to share my impressions of the 3 sessions I have participated in so far. I began my career as a software engineer, later I moved into management, and during this period I lost touch with the latest developments in the industry. Although at the start of my career I was a software engineer (and a good one at that!) until the start of the program it sounded pretty unlikely that I’d be able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge in a relatively short time. At the first session I was pleased to discover that it was not just another ‘Course’: During the session we went over material that would normally have a whole course devoted to it. I liked the fact that during each session we touched on important issues and then at home, would practice exercises which cover in more depth what we learnt during the session. I was very impressed with the PicScout staff and their professional and supportive attitude.

The latest session, led by Idan, addressed the subject of writing code tests. Idan led the session clearly and introduced me to a method of running better tests which was better and faster than the method I was familiar with. Questions were answered professionally during the session so it was easy to focus and make progress fast. Every session, the material is scanned and emailed to participants so they can go back over the work at home and over the points that require further research. There’s also a group email account where all questions are answered quickly.

I want to emphasize the very serious attitude of the PicScout team. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort is invested in the sessions. I’m sure that each staff member has time-consuming tasks related to their daily work, and yet they dedicate their time to running this program, and for that I want to say thank you and well done!

For more info about the Software Engineer Training Project, follow this link: Stay tuned for more updates as the sessions progress!

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