Who's Your Celebrity Doppelganger?

January 17, 2017

Have fun with PicScout’s facial recognition software on MyTwinCeleb mobile app, available on Google Play. Within seconds, you can match a picture of yourself with that of your ‘twin’ celebrity, ready to be shared with friends.
Getting ready for the upcoming Doppelgänger Week (February 1, don’t tell us you forgot!), PicScout’s techies had some fun in creating the game, testing it on themselves and their friends.

While just a taste of PicScout’s technical expertise, MyTwinCeleb is already off to a roaring success:

“Quite Accurate!!! I can always see some similarity between the faces!”
“Very good, the only one that really works in the shop, I’m having mucho fun 😊”
“So much fun ❤❤❤”

So download the app and share the results with your friends!

Happy #doppelganger2017 from #PicScout !

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