Which Puppy is Most Popular? Test Your Dog's Brand Awareness!

March 23, 2017
It’s International Puppy Day a great occasion to celebrate our beloved pet dogs! In analyzing how brand awareness affects our favorite dogs (and their popularity), we wanted to explore which pup was snapped, published and shared the most online.
Our technology scanned all the dog pictures online (yes, there are fewer than cats, but it IS the internet) and then using our AI-driven computer vision, we tested each dog breed’s brand awareness by sorting through and discovering which breeds were most popular.
Once we retrieved the results, we asked ourselves what makes this dog the most widely shared pup? And lo and behold, many of the results correspond to the most popular dog breeds of 2016!
More insights are below the infographic. But before you check out the scorecard below, test yourself and see how close you came to the actual results! 
 Brand Awareness
Top 5 Published Puppies of 2017
1: Golden Retriever
2: Labrador
3: Pug
4: Bulldog
5: Yorkshire Terrier
Both the Golden Retriever and the Labrador received similar high-visibility results totaling more than double the pics of those dogs beyond the top five cut-off. These two breeds dominate the USA’s most popular dog breeds for many years in the running.
Bulldogs and Yorkshire Terriers also made the Top 10 most popular dog breeds of 2016.
This only goes to show that online visibility does have an impact on a brand’s (or dog’s) popularity.
Happy Puppy Day from PicScout!

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