What You Need To Know About Image Auto Tagging

March 2, 2017

Where Seeing is Believing  Auto Tagging

Wading through galleries of endless mislabeled photos, trying to find a particular image is both frustrating and time-consuming. What was its file name? When was it filed? Why hasn’t this image been tagged with keywords to help me find it?! Surely there’s an app for that. There is yet it’s not an app, it’s an API. It’s where artificial intelligence meets computer vision, enabling the computer to suggest auto tags for your images based on what it sees. That’s right sees. PicScout’s image recognition technology identifies faces, objects, concepts and image styles, helping categorize and curate visual content based on keywords tagged automatically by the computer.  

 Auto Tagging

Black Hole of Undiscoverable Images
Somewhere in your company, there’s a hard drive full of images about which nobody knows. These are files with careful names such as 1.jpg or gray.png. Nameless, unsorted images without any tags or keywords. Maybe, when creating the image, that someone was too busy. Or in a hurry. But when uploading this image collection into a Digital Asset Management system or similar, it’s still invisible. Why? Because without auto tagged metadata, these images can’t be found. And if you can’t find em, you can’t use em.
Properly tagging metadata can be tedious without the right planning or tools. But it still has to be done. Without it, the media becomes a useless black hole. Yet manually labeling each image one by one is a hassle who has the time? The patience? 
Suggested auto tagging labels your images with appropriate keywords so they’re easily searchable in the future. The auto tags are then part of your image metadata, making your visual content management a breeze.

Media Management Made Easier

Many marketers may be struggling to keep up with the amount of content they’re expected to produce for client campaigns. With the trend to immersive marketing, campaigns are often run across a number of different channels, and things often slip through the cracks like adding metadata to your media. With suggested auto-tagging, marketers can find the visual content they’re looking for far quicker, so there’s no need to create or buy more. Voila! An instant return on investment. 

Find Em Fast

Make your visual content searchable for you, your colleagues and your clients. Suggested auto tagging helps quickly organize, manage and search through image libraries, with results in seconds. And it’s ideal for a range of industries all that’s required is some creative thinking. As mentioned above, auto-tagging is ideal for digital marketing. It’s also a natural fit for Digital Asset Management (DAM) products, as auto tagging intuitively builds metadata into your image catalog. Advertising and press agencies can take advantage of PicScout’s facial analysis capabilities, as the resulting auto-tags help monitor brand ambassadors and high-value assets.
Save yourself the time and the hassle of building your own metadata with PicScout’s suggested auto-tagging. Go on, treat yourself. It’s just a taste of the full scope of PicScout’s Visual API. 


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