How can photographers measure their popularity in the market?

September 20, 2016

‘Easy’, you might say. ‘I know how many photos I’ve sold, right? So I know how popular I am!’. Here’s a news flash – there’s a better way to measure your popularity (as a photographer, of course)!

Using Insights for Everyone, you could discover that your photos are being used a lot more than you were aware of, which will help you monetize them but more importantly, you will be able to gain the following insights:

  • Which of your photos are the most popular, e.g. do your customers favor landscape views or shoots with people in them?
  • Where are they more popular, e.g. are they more popular in France or the US? What kinds of websites use your photos more often than others?
  • How many times were they used?

These insights and others (besides giving you a great feeling about how admired you are) can help you assess your popularity as a photographer and assist you in making your next business moves; for example, what should be the subject of your next shoot, or audiences that you were previously unaware of that you can approach to promote your pictures.

And here’s an infographic just to illustrate what we are saying:


How popular am I?


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