Purim Partying @ PicScout

March 16, 2017

Purim Company Culture

Purim is the Jewish festival known for a party atmosphere  it takes us all back to childhood with costumes, gift-giving and merry-making. But who says it’s just for kids? 

It’s traditionally a one-day affair. But as it’s always a good time to party and with spring in the air, it’s become customary to celebrate all week long. Our week leading up to Purim was packed with practical jokes, stuffed toys, mountains of chocolate and yummy treats. Our annual secret gift exchange event, ‘Gamad V’Anak’ (translated to ‘Dwarf and the Giant’, ie the Israeli version of ‘Secret Santa’), inspired creative riddles and cheeky shenanigans as clues about the identity of each person’s gift-giver. 

Toblerone Tableau

Toblerone Tableau


Picture Party with Pikachu

Picture Party with Pikachu


Gift exchange

Final gift exchange where everyone’s ‘Anaks’ (Giants) were revealed!


Purim was a great opportunity for the team to get together and have fun. There’s nothing like coming to work dressed as Pikachu.



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