Visual Impact of French Presidential Candidates [Infographic]

March 14, 2017

Measuring your brand’s visual impact requires the analysis of both visibility and engagement with one’s online presence. In the case of France’s newsworthy presidential elections, the candidates’ visual chatter often corresponds to their actual popularity together with the dominating news piece of the day.

Unsurprisingly, Marine Le Pen dominates both the visual presence and engagement as she emerges as the front runner.  François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron are close second and third, respectively. What is interesting is that Fillon’s engagement rate outnumbers his visual presence, highlighting that despite his corruption charges, he is still quite popular with his support base.


Visual Impact

Insights include:

Marine Le Pen dominates the visual chatter – which is to be expected of the current front runner. By far the most divisive politician in the race she is arguably the most popular, as her political personality and pedigree regularly attracts the attention of the French media. Riding the wave of anti-establishment resentment, Le Pen’s recent rise in the polls followed a bout of rioting over police brutality. Le Pen’s visual chatter was further boosted by her refusal to wear a hijab when meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti.

Despite corruption charges, the former ‘Mr Clean’ François Fillon has kept up his popularity and engagement among his support base. His visual chatter skyrocketed during the ‘fake jobs’ scandal in January, but now his visual presence is fading as French prosecutors open an official probe into the allegations. He refuses to stand down, and we can see why. Those same charges also increase his visual presence as he’s a news cycle regular.  

Also reflecting the polls, Emmanuel Macron’s visual chatter and engagement is steady in third place. As the centrist Macron took the lead in the opinion polls in early February, he became the target of a gay ‘smear campaign’ that increased his visual chatter exponentially. Later that month, he struggled to get his campaign back on track after his controversial remarks on France’s colonial record and gay marriage, provoking outrage on both the right and the left.His visual presence is currently buttressed by his complaints over an anti-Semitic depiction published by his rival, Fillon.

Whether the candidates’ visual impact indicates their results, only time will tell. This election may be full of surprises – which can measured by the visual impact of the candidates in their run for President. Stay tuned.

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