Does Face Recognition Technology Have A Commercial Future? [infographic]

February 16, 2017

Facebook tagging, Snapchat filters, airport scans: face recognition is increasingly becoming a large part of our everyday lives. Explore below how this innovative technology is helping companies expand their customer-base with AI-driven innovation, giving them the competitive edge in today’s visual world.


Face recognition


Industry Uses Of Face Recognition

Security & law Enforcement

Facial recognition allows security companies and law enforcement agencies to monitor suspicious or undesirable persons. Faces are compared against large databases, and authorities are alerted when there’s a match.


Airports across the world are exploring the ways facial recognition technology can be used as a secure measure of authenticity to be used instead of passports.

Brands & PR Agencies

Facial recognition helps brands and agencies manage brand ambassadors and high-value assets.

Financial Authentication

Credit card companies are introducing smartphone selfies to authenticate paying for bills. It’s also speculated that mobiles may include selfie snaps as another mode of authentication to unlock phones.

Targeted Advertising

Advertising agencies, for example, have recently been exploring how face recognition technology can assist in targeting their commercials and helping brands achieve their competitive edge. Today, at gas stations and in malls, screens scan customers’ faces in order to run tailored ads with demographic-specific content. Another creative commercial use is fast-food chains offering personalized menus based on facial recognition.

Learn More About This Disruptive Technology

These are just a handful of examples where face recognition is being utilized more and more. On a smaller level, facial recognition technology can help marketers and photo agencies monitor their assets and campaigns – either across the web and social media, or even internally across large photo collections.

Face recognition technology is just one of the many capabilities of PicScout’s Visual API.  The way we do business in today’s visual world is changing. Don’t get left behind – talk to us today.



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