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March 26, 2017

Last week Apple dropped a surprise on the world in a most un-Apple way: instead of a splashy press conference with Tim Cook, the tech giant issued a quiet press release with little fanfare, announcing the imminent launch of its ‘Red’ iPhone series to support the HIV/AIDS charity (RED). Genius marketing campaign. Learning how and why it was so successful is essential — not only for Apple — but for all businesses in planning and monitoring their campaigns. 

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Launching Your Marketing Campaign with a Surprise

With little more than six days between the announcement and its release, Apple managed to ride that wave of surprise for maximum benefit. It was pounced upon by tech magazines the world over and embraced by Apple-devotees across social media: meanwhile, the Apple store was offline in anticipation of the release.

Here at PicScout, we explored the impact of this alternative iPhone and its unconventional launch (for Apple, that is). It’s the first time Apple has released a new iPhone case color out of cycle, and also the first time Apple has collaborated with (RED) on the iPhones.

Step 1: Who was most excited for the launch?

The folks in the USA led the way in the visual buzz over Apple’s new release. Over a third of all images published and shared in anticipation of the (RED) iPhone took place in the United States.

Following the USA was the United Kingdom, India, France, and Mexico. It’s interesting to note India’s high presence — reflecting Apple’s increasing attention on India as an important emerging market for the company.

Step 2: Planning ahead, where was most of the visual buzz?

Anticipation of the (RED) iPhone dominated social media, with posts featuring pictures of the soon-to-be-launched phone amassing a wide-ranging visual conversation.


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Step 3: Which image was the most popular?

The most widely published and shared image was the one you see above — displaying the back of the (RED) iPhone in its two available sizes, the iPhone 7 & 7 plus. Perhaps it was the most popular because it showcases the highlight of the phone — its sleek red back. Alternatively, other images that reveal its white front (no change from the current iPhone styles) were often included in articles that criticized the white front casing.

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Seeing Red? Then Hack Your Own Marketing Campaign for Success!

The combination of an unexpected announcement and release, together with the bright color of the (RED) iPhone proved to be a much-needed refreshment from Apple. The design language that many premium phone companies employ — that elegant gold devices are synonymous with premium quality — is increasingly being perceived as tired and stale.

We’ll leave you with a snapshot of (RED)’s celebrity ambassador, Alison Williams of ‘Girls’ fame. Her endorsement caught the attention of Vogue magazine, which proudly announced that red is the color of the season. Perhaps Apple knew that already. Even if not, they’ve just confirmed it.

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